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Levitas Temporis

When I started to read, a new world opened in my mind. My wife is the person who made me love books, and I am so thankful for that.
Levitas Temporis or Lightness of Time represents how time goes quickly when we are reading. 
This short film made me realize how books, cinema, and TV shows are joining my passion for storytelling. I was just an archviz illustrator, but now it's time to challenge my skills.

I started just with still frames. Not only a solution to reduce my time of rendering but also to start in another rhythm. 

Render Progress - animatic to final render




Lightness of the mess.

Reading on a zero gravity.

The time goes fast.

Render Progress - animatic to final render

Reference Panel.jpg

Adobe Color Gradient test for the color grade.

Adobe Colors - Gradiente.JPG

The Soundtrack was inspired to be like a TV show intro. A simple arpeggio and synths.
I think that the inspiration comes from Stranger Things or Twin Peaks. 

Levitas Temporis

Special Thanks to: Ana Carolina Erlacher, Leandro Beltran, Marcelo Moraes and Gabriel Todesco. These people guided me along this journey.


Hope you enjoyed it,

Thank you.

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